• Clean, Convenient, Affordable Eating

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Eat Better, Feel Better

Straight from the kitchen of Beaver Hills Country Club and Chef Dustin Fox, our meals are carefully designed, weighed, and measured so you know exactly what you are putting in your body!  Our goal is to bring you great tasing food that is clean and balanced.  You just order, grab, heat, and eat!  Pick up available at Beaver Hills Country Club or The Gym, CrossFit Kilo.

Our meals are pre-entered into MyFitnessPal to make your food tracking efforts a breeze!

My Fitness Pal

“I have worked with hundreds of people in regards to their nutrition over the years.  While each individuals’ goals are different, the most common obstacles that almost everyone face are not knowing what to eat and/or not having the time to make it happen!  I want to help people overcome that obstacle and feel good about the choices that they are making every day.  While there are many ways to approach nutrition, I support the balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for overall wellness and longevity.”

Sarah McCormick, CrossFit Kilo

Puts an end to unhealthy fast food or gas station choices!

Chef Prepped makes it easy to always be prepared and have something on hand that I feel good about eating...that also tastes good!